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Waco’s Best Ice Cream Treats

on Friday, 10 July 2015. Posted in To Do in Waco

Waco’s Best Ice Cream Treats

Whether it’s a hot summer afternoon or a cool summer evening after a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, you can’t go wrong with ice cream!

Katie’s Custard, while technically not ice cream, is still a favorite with Wacoans of all ages. Their homemade thick, creamy custard is made fresh every day and is the perfect base for any of their desert creations. Try a Cyclone - a blend of custard and your choice of mix-ins (think candy, cookie pieces, etc.), or one of Katie’s banana splits that is big enough to share but good enough that you won’t want to! The Whachamacalit Pint is one of the best kept secrets in Waco. Deserts that were not made as ordered (but are still perfectly delicious!) are layered into a pint container until the container is full. You never know what you’ll get! Whachamacalits are not always available, but when they are, it’s a great way to sample something new from Katie’s expansive menu! If you’re not quite ready for desert, Katie’s also offers a small menu of hotdogs and sliders. Katie’s is located on Franklin Avenue.

Pokey O’s is relatively new in town, but is fast becoming a fixture in downtown Waco. A mobile branch of their namesake Dallas ice cream parlor, the trick to enjoying Pokey O’s in Waco is to find them! Follow them on Facebook to see their daily schedule. Once you track them down, choose your cookie, choose your ice cream, they’ll sandwich it together for you to go directly into your mouth! The cookies are made fresh every day, and every visit is a new ice cream sandwich experience as the flavors of both the cookies and ice cream vary daily.

The Dr. Pepper Museum might not be your first thought when you need a refreshing treat, but you’ll think twice once you experience a handmade, authentic Dr. Pepper float. Though every tour through the museum ends with a trip to the soda fountain, you don’t have to pay admission to the museum to grab a stool at the old-fashioned soda counter and enjoy a cold treat. The treat itself is only part of the fun. Enjoy the ambience of the vintage soda fountain, and watch as the soda jerk makes your Dr. Pepper float from scratch, starting with the syrup and ending with a high-powered stream of carbonated water. The soda fountain also offers a variety of snacks, drinks and treats that will make everyone in your group happy. The Dr. Pepper Museum is just down the road from The Cotton Palace Bed and Breakfast at 300 South 5th Street.

What is your favorite place to go for ice cream?

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Sherry McElhannon

Sherry McElhannon

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